Butch bulge

So yesterday I was at home all day and decided i’d give the packing another go. After all, I already had the packer, so I might as well use it. I put on the Christian Anderson pants but couldn’t be bothered shoving it into the front pocket and just plonked it into the pants against my skin. Thankfully this time it didn’t give me a rash, which was rather surprising in the hot weather.
I was out digging the garden for most of the day. With the animal life companion generally moseying around me.
Almost immediately I was horny. I think it’s the product of something pressing up against me constantly. I think I have a small clit so normally it doesn’t get accidentally aroused. So that meant I had to go and have a quick shuffle, just to be able to carry on with my day. Yes fellas, suddenly I realise what you have to contend with.
Then I managed to merrily pootle about my day. I was listening to my ftm friendly/swag playlist as I dug the garden*
The wife came home and didn’t notice me wearing it, so I carried on regardless with the rest of the days activities.
I did notice that the cornflour I had covered my cock in prior to packing it away was balling and flaking off into the (black) pants. Hmm. Flaky pants. Never mind, since I was at home it was easy to brush it off.
I finally revealed to my girlfriend that I was packing (naturally, when she was on the phone to her mother) and as soon as she raised her eyebrows with a ‘Oh REALLY’ look kapow, the sex drive was triggered. it also helped that she said my bum and thighs were muscular from all the cycling to work I’ve been doing.
Huzzah to finding a little bit of my mojo(jojo).

* This currently consists of the following songs: The Cliks – Dirty King, Justin Bieber – Boyfriend, Gay Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates, Erasure – Hideaway, Patricia O’Callaghan – I’m Your Man, Wham – I’m your man, Alex Davis – If Only You Were a Boy, Take That – Love Love, Alex Davis – Man of the Year, Depeche Mode – Never Let Me Down Again, Erasure – Sexuality.


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