Long time no answers

So I am still in therapy. I suspect this is something which I won’t stop writing for a long time. I get the impression there IS no end to therapy. Just as I think I am finding something to talk about which actually might be the cause of something I just seem to bring up … Continue reading


I think I am literally worrying myself sick. I’ve never experienced it this vividly before but it is getting harder to go to work. I get very anxious before work. I’m anxious now. I don’t know how much if it is the therapy stirring up the silted memories and pain of before but I’m definitely … Continue reading

How long has this been going on for?

Good question! One I can’t answer off the top of my head. I did think it was confusing when I watched transition videos and people said they’d been on T for a year or two… It didn’t click. I thought I’d just watched some old videos after joining them recently. So my therapist asked how … Continue reading

Apologies for the delay in your service

Sorry to for somewhat lengthy time out. To catch up, I’m selling my house, getting married and currently in therapy. So that’s us caught up. I have only had two therapy sessions so far (psychotherapy- outlet for psychos). At this point I am suspecting that they are using Jedi mind tricks or aromatherapy or something … Continue reading


The more drunk I get, the harder it is for me to keep my cock in my pants. Largely because when I go to the toilet and pull my trousers down, my packer falls onto the floor. Oh. #butchproblems


Binding is a wonderful miracle! It keeps my stomach flat from bloating and my tits down so my shirts fit. It’s great! Why didn’t any one tell me about this before?!

Wedding wear

So I opted for a black suit. A slim fit one from M&S. Cost me a fortune but I look swish. Especially when I pack. And now I can even bind to make the shirt and waistcoat look better. Not to mention my not-so-flat stomach. I essentially stole Zac Efron’s look from HSM3. Black converse … Continue reading